From first concept to final edit, the Kist sisters, Barbara and Fifine, can guide you every step of the way.

Image researchers with a great passion for finding images, we are experts in locating archival images, obtaining licenses and handling the rights for our clients. We work on projects of all sizes.

With our specialist and wide-ranging experience we can help you find unique stills and moving images.

We can locate historical engravings, digital files, 

glass negatives, screenshots,

paintings, TV and video clips,

made by professionals or amateurs worldwide.

about us

foto: Thomas Kist

Barbara Kist

is a professional image researcher, working on documentaries, exhibitions, books and television since 1995. She has been the image researcher for VPRO’s flagship show ‘Zomergasten’ (Summer Guests) since 2003.

Fifine Kist

is an historian, trained archivist and a tutor at the Reinwardt Academy (Amsterdam NL). She focuses on image research for documentaries, drama series and commercials and has worked as an image editor for daily television talk shows .


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